Rethink Your IVR and Call-Flows

IPI’s Head of Consulting shares his thoughts on dealing with high contact volumes:

Capturing the correct reason for calling upfront in the IVR will ensure the customer goes straight to the right place and avoids being transferred between departments. This not only aggravates the customer but also wastes advisor time during busy periods.

You can also use the customer’s contact history to personalise their routing and ensure they get sent through to the right person.

For example, send them to an advisor who is familiar with their case, perhaps the last person they spoke to, or ensure that certain teams are at the ready if historical trends show you that customers typically call after a certain event.

There’s also much to be said on both the customer and contact centre side for letting the customer know that you’re busy and offering them a callback at a quieter time when you have more resources available to help them more effectively.

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Craig Farley
Head of Consulting


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