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IPI Cloud & Outsourced IT

Keeping ahead in the cloud

Whatever your current infrastructure, we can help you to transition to the cloud. Whether public, private or hybrid, our IPI cloud solutions are designed to give you the freedom to grow and the confidence that your corporate and customer data is safe. We understand the unique challenges of running a business, and we understand how to assess cloud IT services through this lens.

Moving to the IPI Cloud

The IPI Cloud solution is an enterprise-grade infrastructure operating across three tier-3 data centres. Each data centre is independently run, operating redundant power, cooling and connectivity services.

Reduce the burden on your IT facilities

VM Cloud from IPI is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering that provides a fixed amount of infrastructure that can be consumed within the IPI Cloud and extended as your needs evolve. This can help to reduce the IT burden on your own facilities, while also enhancing security and helping to manage the cycle of upgrades and maintenance.

Certainty of service

Our App Cloud offers a unique approach to securing the computing capacity you need. Instead of booking a volume of RAM or storage, you instead buy an ‘application’ or ‘business outcome’, providing capacity for your number of agents, on the line 24/7 with no outages – guaranteed. We carry the responsibility for delivering all the resources you need to keep your agents working effectively.

Potential to scale at anytime

We offer cloud solutions that flex to meet demand – without impacting your CapEx or charging you for resources you don’t need. With VM Cloud, you can easily bolt on additional computing power or storage space as your needs change.

Assured continuity of operations, no matter what.

IPI’s Back-up-as-a-Service (BaaS) provides a cloud storage repository and access to software to run on physical servers or virtual machines to process and send data to the backup target. Our BaaS provides virtual machine and file structure backup, with multiple copies of the data kept for recovery and compliance or business continuity objectives.

The service allows for data backup across any internet connection, as well as taking care of data security in transit, and compressing and deduplicating the data prior to transmission to minimise the impact on the local network.

IPI’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) allows for virtual machines to be backed up in the Azure cloud, protecting on-premise and private environments from loss of service or access.

In the event of a disaster, the virtual workloads can be enabled within the Azure cloud and end-users can remotely connect and continue to operate. Data Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives can be tailored to your business needs.

Outsourced IT – the IPI way

We are a trusted IT partner to many of the nation’s busiest organisations. We help our clients adopt technology that transforms their customer experience, drives down costs and improves the working lives of their teams. With decades of experience and a large team of certified engineers, we have the strength and expertise to support your transformation. We can manage all of your daily IT requirements, ensuring that the whole team has systems that consistently perform. And if things go wrong, our technicians are at the end of the phone, ready to fix issues remotely.

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“The move to new, cloud-based technologies has enabled us to become more agile and continue to deliver exceptional service to our customers, even during the challenging times of the pandemic. Our collaboration with IPI has given us much greater resilience and peace of mind for maintaining vital communications and lines of business at all times. We see our relationship with IPI as a true partnership that is delivering value to the business and helping us to succeed now and in the future.”

Bryan Raven, Managing Director at White Light

“Our experience with IPI has continued to be a positive one. The implementation of Genesys Cloud has brought an air of excitement to our contact centre teams, delivering new features and functionality to ease day-to-day roles. Commercially, the transition has been a huge success, driving savings and enabling flexibility through our move to the cloud. Finally, and most importantly, our customers have continued to experience the smooth customer journey that they expect from our brand.”

Lalit Mandalia, Head of Technical Services at Boden

“Under normal circumstances, IPI and Genesys’ speed of delivery would be impressive, but bear in mind that at the time of the system’s migration our teams were dealing with a surge in enquiries across the business – via phone, email and social media. During these unprecedented times, our new cloud-based system from Genesys has enabled us to carry on helping our customers when they need it most. Without IPI and Genesys’ exceptional support, continuing business as ‘normal’ would have been near-impossible, let alone carrying out our additional outreach activities to help vulnerable members of our local communities.”

Adrian Morley, Operational Change and Integration Manager at Co-op

“Implementing not one but two new contact centre solutions all whilst working remotely for the first time was something we never thought would be possible. Delivering the end solution with IPI during lockdown enabled us to continue to support both our existing customers and a whole new set of customers in home-schooling parents at a very critical time for education, whilst also making us resilient for the future.”

Zoe Router, Customer Experience Director at Findel

“Our close partnership with the customer has allowed us to transform their approach to IT. Instead of coordinating multiple vendors to manage their networks, hardware and software, they have a single contact for all IT solutions.”

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