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How we serve the Higher Education Industry

IPI helps higher education institutions improve their business outcomes by providing Contact Centre services and solutions that enhance student engagement and support. By streamlining communication channels and improving response times, universities and colleges can increase student satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, their bottom line.

How we can help you to optimise your Higher Education Contact Centre

With 60% of Gen Z expressing their aversion towards phone calls, the higher education industry faces an unprecedented demand to provide digital support channels that cater to the preferences of their students.

Staff retention and recruitment

Retaining high-performing staff, encouraging best practice behaviours, and combatting rising attrition is a constant challenge in Higher Education. Our cutting-edge Workforce Engagement (WEM) technology improves employee retention and recruitment, while our Blueprint consulting service helps Contact Centres understand and identify the right approach to achieving your required business outcomes.

Security and compliance

Security and compliance are essential considerations within Higher Education. Maintaining the security of current and potential students, whilst ensuring your organisation’s compliance, are vital aspects of our customer Contact Centre provision. Our solutions keep pace with changing regulations and can supplement the resources of your organisation’s existing personnel.

Ensuring students can communicate through channels that are most convenient for them.

License flexibility

Our licensing options provide the flexibility needed for workforce fluctuations in Higher Education Contact Centres throughout the year. They are designed to accommodate additional traffic during postgraduate enrolment in January and undergraduate enrolment in July-August, while ensuring a maintained cost-effective approach for the rest of the year.

Scalability and reliability

The clearing period in Higher Education is an opportunity for many universities to make a strong first impression and establish effective communication with students. We provide reliable cloud platforms, with publicly published uptime and superior service level agreements (SLAs), ensuring exceptional customer contact during key timeframes.

Provide students with highly personalised support

Digital transformation

Today’s students expect a range of channels when contacting their Higher Education provider. A traditional voice-only approach is ill-equipped to meet expectations, or to handle investments in existing digital applications. We have decades of experience advising and implementing best-in-class cloud-based omnichannel solutions to deliver exceptional customer contact.

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“We have real confidence in IPI’s ability to deliver on their solutions, they really make an effort to understand our goals and objectives so we know we are in safe hands. IPI has continually impressed with their teamwork, communication and co-operative approach, not to mention top-class, innovative solutions. IPI’s longstanding partnership with Avaya together with their insights and expertise have been invaluable to our business and we look forward to working together to deliver excellence for our employees and patients, and building a long and trusted relationship with IPI.”

Charlie Barrett, Telecoms & Infrastructure Manager at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

“IPI reacted very quickly to our security token requirement ensuring we were able to work from home as soon as the Government advised that we should do so.”

Bridget Sharman, IT Service Administrator at Charnwood Borough Council

“Excellent. I am unable to identify an area I believe they need to improve.”

Telecoms Manager at NHS Professionals

“IPI’s demonstrable history and reputation within the UK public sector played a large part in our decision to select its solution. Ultimately their experts delivered an amazing solution that ticked all the boxes in terms of technical, commercial and compliance criteria.”

Rob Elcock, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Gloucestershire County Council

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