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How to effectively engage with your work force is a constantly recurring boardroom theme. Post-pandemic, the topic has only increased in importance as employers grapple with the demands of a new hybrid workforce and how best to motivate workers split between the office and home. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the contact centre – a historically office-based set up that thrives on its internal culture.

As organisations look to navigate through this period and boost employee motivation levels, one tool at the contact centre’s disposal is gamification – the principal of turning an activity into a pseudo game and rewarding participants.

A seemingly simple concept, gamification can deliver impressive results if its underlying principles are understood and a programme is well structured. Indeed, a study from Talent IMS found that gamification made employees feel more productive (89%), whilst 88% were happier at work. In addition, 87% of employees said that introducing game elements made them feel more socially connected and provided a sense of belonging at work.

As such, a strategy built around gamification principles is a sound approach for many organisations looking to revitalise their contact centre operations. Gamification can introduce a structured, yet seemingly fun, way to boost employee engagement and drive employees towards desired corporate objectives. But how do you go about developing a programme that delivers?

To explain this further we have put together a dedicated ebook on the subject, exploring how you can apply the principles of gamification for employee engagement within your contact centre. In the ebook you will learn:

  • how gamification has evolved over time
  • how it can be used to best meet the needs of the 21st century contact centre
  • how to kick-start a well-structured gamification programme using best practice tips gathered from IPI’s 20 years’ experience of working with contact centres. These include:
    • Setting clear KPIs and ground rules – ensuring everyone knows the rules of play and how to achieve them;
    • Extending the initiative beyond the contact centre – why success depends on engaging with other departments in your organisation;
    • Using gamification as a long-term developmental opportunity – how gamification can help identify gaps in employee’s training and areas of development needed

To find out more about gamification for employee engagement, download your complementary gamification ebook copy.

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