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Post-COVID Opportunity for Contact Centres

The pandemic has forced unprecedented change upon the contact centre. Over the last year, contact centres across the country have had to quickly usher in technology to facilitate remote working and keep a vital line of communication with customers open. However, as the dust starts to settle and the UK market continues its phased re-opening, the contact centre has an opportunity to review and evolve operations to better meet the demands of a new age of digitally-enlightened customers.

As the ‘human touch-point’ in a digital journey, the contact centre plays a pivotal role in facilitating a good customer journey. As the ‘go to’ point for customer queries and complaints, orders and refunds, payments and account management, the contact centre is at the core of an organisation’s operations – and as such can make or break a customer’s experience with a brand.

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Read the original article on CX Today, where IPI’s Head of Consulting Craig Farley, shares some of our top suggestions for optimising the contact centre in a post-pandemic world.