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Get on top of call peaks early

If your contact centre is abandoning a high percentage of calls, it’s likely a decent chunk of those are customers who have called and abandoned multiple times.

This vicious cycle can quickly escalate and negatively impact calls-offered statistics and demand forecasting, making it look like more agents are required than necessary.

Make a concerted effort with extra staff and technology to answer calls initially, and calls offered will dramatically reduce, up to 25% in some cases. This provides a truer picture of customer demand and offers breathing space before staff are refocused to where they are truly needed.

If volatile call volumes are an issue, callback technologies can keep a customer’s in-queue place or offer callbacks at a time convenient for the customer. This helps smooth out demand, making it easier for contact centres to handle calls.

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This article originally appeared on Call Centre Helper where you can read other experts ideas to reduce your abandon rate.

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