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Transforming customer experience in the Insurance sector

Our key message is one of efficiency and productivity creating an enhanced customer experience. The technology is a core enabler, but our focus is helping insurers and brokers deliver value from their investments to deliver a class-leading customer experience.

Insurers across the country are currently facing a number of challenges

Speed of response has fallen, from an average 18 seconds in 2010 to
102 seconds today
Call centre agent productivity has been stagnant over the last
10 years, at around 55%
With more people leaving the insurance Contact Centre industry, a large skills gap is making it difficult to improve on these numbers

Upcoming Webinar

Exploring risks and opportunities for AI in Insurance Contact Centres

This webinar is a panel-led discussion with speakers from IPI, Avaya, Blieve and a special guest from Google that will shed light on the risks and opportunities associated with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Contact Centres for insurers.

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The Power of IPI and Avaya

IPI and Avaya demonstrate how technology can be used to address these challenges, and how existing investments can be leveraged to deliver the high-quality service levels that clients demand. The innovative solutions available to insurance companies and large brokers are largely non-disruptive, having been designed to work with legacy, as opposed to against it.

Innovation without disruption

Automation is top of the list. The majority of queries insurers receive from their customers are simple ones that can be automated.

Using AI to respond to these basic queries can be layered over existing processes very quickly providing real innovation without disruption.

Discover IPI’s AI Cafe – a no-cost morning workshop to assess the opportunities for AI in your operations across your customer experience channels. Find out more in our asset library below.

Weighed down by legacy

The combination of emerging technology, changing customer expectations, regulatory pressure and a new modus operandi in the workplace means if ever there was a moment to grasp the nettle of delivering a great customer contact strategy, 2023-2024 is it.

Read IPI and Avaya’s full thought leadership piece here.

Avaya Experience Platform Demo 

See the capabilities of the always-on Contact Centre platform in action in our interactive demo platform, designed for the Insurance sector.

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UK Contact Centre Verticals: Insurance

This report looks at the structure, growth, technology, HR and commercial issues found in Contact Centres within the UK insurance sector.


Avaya Experience Platform

Avaya Experience Platform™ makes it easy for organisations to deliver effortless customer experiences across different channels and devices while helping maximise employee and team performance.


Avaya Support and Optimisation Programme

Read the benefits of optimising your Avaya estate and how implementation will address many aspects of your business performance and customer experience.


Cloud Migration Assurance Programme

Our proven road map and 6-step migration process means you can rely on us to make your journey to a Cloud Contact Centre quick, efficient and painless.


Consulting Services

Our consultancy services provide clarity and a foundation from which to achieve your desired business outcomes. We can help you identify challenges, implement solutions, and optimise your people and processes.


AI Cafe

What can AI really do for us within customer experience and the Contact Centre? Find out in the AI Cafe. A no-cost morning workshop to assess the opportunities for the introduction of AI into your operations across your customer experience channels.


Altus Insurance Capability Framework

The Altus Insurance Capability Framework summarises the core capabilities of our expertise in the Insurance industry, and highlights where we fit within its model.

Case Study

Using AI to insure a great customer experience at Ageas

Ageas decided to enhance its customer choice by introducing AI and Voicebot options to support customers with straightforward queries, whilst maintaining the availability of Contact Centre consultants for complex enquiries. The delivery saw an overall reduction of 40-45 seconds per fully verified call.

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Pauseable, IPI’s automated pause-and-resume compliance technology, is now available on NICE CXone, the CCaaS AI platform from NICE.



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