Teams Voice Calling

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Cut Your Call Costs With Teams

IPI’s Voice for Teams offers a cost-effective call solution and there is no on-premise hardware or software to install.

Voice for Teams is a Cloud end-to-end service that delivers flexible, reliable, and secure SIP connectivity between Teams, your contact centre system and the PSTN.

Because calls are routed through IPI’s SIP Trunks there is no need for any expensive third party call plans. Our pricing is based on concurrent trunk usage rather than expensive per user charges. Usage is aggregated across your organisation and, if you have offices in different locations, calls between these sites are free.

In addition to adding simple voice calling to an existing Teams deployment, IPI can fully integrate it with your contact centre for true collaboration across your organisation.

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  • Quick and very easy to deploy
  • Scalable licenses to suit demand
  • Cost-effective – cuts down on call charges
  • Minimal disruption to existing phone system and to agents
  • Leverage your investment in for improved collaboration
  • Enable remote workers and teams to collaborate effectively and seamlessly
  • No software or hardware to install
  • Users get to make and receive calls just like on their existing desk phone
  • Easily integrates with existing SIP trunks
  • Secure SIP trunk connectivity

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Whether you need help extending and managing your deployment, configuring Office 365, troubleshooting call quality, or enabling direct call routing, our Microsoft and networking experts are here to help. Please contact our Integration team for guidance.