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As the external face of a brand, the Contact Centre – and its agents – have a vital role to play in the delivery of customer experience (CX). A positive or a negative experience can make or break a brand – leaving a mark on the reputation of that company and impacting its long-term success.

The stakes are clearly high, however, there are numerous obstacles to overcome on the path to good CX. Today’s Contact Centres face a minefield of options around technology, providers, and approaches to take; as well as extensive challenges like security and working from home.

How Contact Centres look to navigate these obstacles and address CX will determine their overall success. Those who do it well go above and beyond; providing consistent experiences that are personalised, responsive and empathetic, all while driving continuous improvements to ensure that their customers continue to feel heard, their agents still feel valued and their brand remains trusted. This is the definition of exceptional customer contact and what every Contact Centre should be working towards today.

In order to help organisations navigate this process and understand how to deliver exceptional customer contact, IPI has put together its own ebook outlining:

  • The value of good customer contact
  • What good customer experience looks like
  • The role that EX plays in delivering CX excellence
  • The operational challenges to delivering good CX
  • The five pillars of an exceptional customer contact strategy

You can download the full copy of the eBook here . In the meantime, if you’d like to talk to our team about taking the next step on your journey to delivering exceptional customer contact, drop us a line here.