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IPI’s holistic managed services approach reduces interruptions to your business, decreases capex costs, and ensures systems are safeguarded under all circumstances.

  1. MANY ORGANISATIONS WILL SIMPLY OFFER A BREAK/FIX SUPPORT CONTRACT – By definition this approach waits for something to fail and cause an interruption to business. Furthermore, the time taken to apply a resolution is difficult to estimate since the cause of the failure must first be investigated. Certainly this type of contract is cheaper than a managed service but really it’s a false economy when you consider the cost of downtime due to a failure.
  2. A MANAGED SERVICE CAN INVOLVE REMOTE PRO-ACTIVE MONITORING – This allows us to take action before problems arises and reduces the likelihood of an outage significantly. IPI can take action on platforms that show early signs of trouble and advise on which updates should be applied. This kind of service avoids many problems before they even begin.
  3. BACKUP MANAGEMENT CAN BE PROVIDED AS PART OF A MANAGED SERVICE CONTRACT – Whilst everything would be done to prevent a server failure we can protect against accidental deletion of data. A break/fix contract would require the customer to manage their own backups but this burden can be carried by IPI. We can offer an automated service tailored to your needs and as well as off-site storage in one of our partners secure clouds.
  4. ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS (RCA) – If things start to go wrong we can provide an investigation and RCA to help prevent a repeat of the incident. Fixing a problem is all very well in the short term but as the old adage goes – prevention is better than cure. A Root Cause Analysis will determine what measures need to be taken in the future to avoid a repeat incident. An RCA will be prepared by our Service Delivery team in collaboration with senior specialist engineers and manufacturer assistance if necessary.
  5. MANAGED SERVICE REDUCES CAPEX COSTS – A managed service means that experienced and certified engineers maintain your IT and communications enterprise and reduces the Capex costs of an organisation. Why carry the cost of an employee when IPI can provide a portfolio of specialists to be engaged as and when they are required but only when needed?
  6. UP TO DATE FEATURES AND SECURITY – Notification of software updates and technology developments would be included as part of the regular service reviews which allows customer to take advantage of the latest features and security developments. Rather than investigating product road maps yourself let IPI’s specialist pre-sales team plan a strategy that ensures your estate is always supported and is able to take advantage if the latest features and benefits available.
  7. END OF LIFE AND END OF SUPPORT NOTIFICATION – A managed service allows IPI to inform customers when a product reaches its end of life or support. This prevents customers from relying on unsupported technologies. As part of the technology road map we can advise when it’s time to upgrade or migrate so you don’t get caught out by a manufacturer’s end of support.
  8. HOLISTIC SUPPORT – A managed service allows IPI to provide a holistic support model and better facilitate the integration of disparate 3rd party systems. Rather than fudge and force an integration our specialists and developers can guide you through the integration of heterogeneous platforms. This could range from configuration changes to bespoke middleware development or if all else fails we can provide consultation on how to move forward in replacing the incompatible aspects.
  9. SCALABILITY AND GROWTH MANAGEMENT – Capacity management allows IPI to help a customer  manage their growth without impacting the performance of their IT and communications enterprise. Simply adding more user licenses is really not enough. Capacity management involves identifying how the overall architecture needs to develop in a timely manner before a bottleneck occurs. IPI can help identify where these changes are likely to be expected and can combine this with end of life and end of support notification where appropriate.
  10. SERVICE REVIEWS AND PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT – Regular service reviews allow us to better measure our performance and take action where and when appropriate. As a customer, we value your feedback as this ultimately helps us to deliver a better service. An IPI managed service places particular emphasis on service reviews so both parties can grow the relationship. This process allows IPI to identify the areas that are of particular importance to our customers on an individual basis.

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