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We’re delighted to announce our new cloud offering, which uses two UK-based datacentres to provide a powerful data and computing resource that is under British sovereignty.

The IPI Cloud is an enterprise-grade infrastructure built in two tier-3 datacentres. Each datacentre is independently run, operating redundant power, cooling and connectivity services, reducing the risk of an IPI Cloud Zone becoming unavailable.

Your secure cloud

Within each Cloud Zone, resilient physical infrastructure is used to provide protection for computing and storage resources with virtualisation providing automated clustering and failure protection within a Zone. It is also possible to provide for Backup and Disaster Recovery of workloads between the Cloud Zones, while private connectivity between Zone 1 and 2 allows for application-level clustering to be implemented, offering numerous opportunities to ensure the availability of business-critical infrastructure.

Service level tiers

The IPI cloud is built to meet the demands of the real-time applications that IPI are trusted to manage for our customers. As such, the service level is based on application availability, and tiered to cover standard and resilient deployments.

When IPI are managing an end-to-end delivery, service levels can be extended through to a client’s site or right through to an end-user.

Standard services are defined as services delivered without an automatic fail-over and come with a lower SLA. When services are designed to automatically protect availability through infrastructure or application high availability then we can provide an enhanced resilient SLA.

Fully integrated cloud

The IPI Cloud is deeply integrated with IPI Networks, offering the ability to integrate with multiple voice providers natively across existing connectivity as well as the ability for private interconnects to onboard customer SIP or private networks.

The Cloud Zones are also IPI Network HUB locations, enabling IPI to deliver private connectivity from the IPI Cloud to your end-user site. When connectivity is included within a managed application or managed virtual machine, service availability can be combined along with support responsibility across the entire service offering.

Key features:

  • UK-hosted datacentres
  • Dual datacentre configuration for backup and failsafe
  • Standard and resilient service levels
  • Fully integrated with IPI Networks
  • Easily integrated with multiple voice providers

Contact IPI to learn more about our new UK-hosted cloud or visit our IPI Cloud AI page to discover our cloud-based self-service applications that plug into your contact centre.

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