IPI Philippines were honoured to attend the CCAP Contact Islands 2018 in Cebu on July 25 – 26, 2018. This was the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) annual event where contact center executives gather to learn and share best practices around digital transformation, technology, human resources and resource management. This year’s theme was Leading with Customer Experience (CX) in a Digital World.

The attendees in this year’s event listened and participated in key topics on: Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Omni-Channel, and Customer Journey. The audience witnessed presentations and sharing of best practices for creating and leveraging customer journey maps in order to deliver impactful digital customer experience. The sessions also focused on the role played by analytics in delivering a customized customer experience and the steps involved to enable this capability.

IPI Philippines attended the event as expert speakers and delivered thought leadership presentations to over 100 people in one of the topics on the Customer Experience  (CX) tracks.. The presentation on ‘Personalization is the New Differentiation’ was delivered by Valur Svansson, Principal Consultant of IPI.

Valur discussed how there is a global shift to mobile messaging presents a unique set of challenges and significant new opportunities for growth and improved customer service.  Due to the rapid growth and wide access mobile platforms, more customers will communicate via text messages and messaging applications.  Due to the quantity and complexity of such communications successful contact centers will need to embrace automated messaging solutions
In order to provide Personalized Automation these sites will combine the use of Engagement & Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Process Automation to provide automatic responses to messages, that capture information from a message, perform directed dialogs, classify the language and intent of a message to perform a personalized customer required outcome. In the long run lower Customer Effort and lower Cost to Serve equates to a higher Customer Life Time Value (CLV).

The CX breakout sessions were well attended but also had an engaged, interactive audience who were hungry to learn about digital transformation, customer journey, and customer lifetime value and how to engage their customers better across multiple touchpoints.

IPI Philippines are looking forward to helping contact centers in their digital transformation journey towards becoming a digital enterprise. IPI Philippines is positioned to transform todays contact center to a truly digital enterprise  where they could constantly embrace emerging technologies in order to improve, and perhaps even change, their existing business processes in the digital world.