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IPI Philippines was honored to attend the National Privacy Commissions (NPC) 1st National Data Privacy Conference in Manila on May 28-29, 2018. This was the flagship event of the NPC to celebrate the Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) in the Philippines.

The conference gathered over 2,000 DPO’s (believed to be the biggest ever global gathering of data protection officers) to come together, share learnings and their experiences in implementing data privacy regulations within their organizations.

The event was sponsored by the highest levels of government in the Philippines with President Duterte providing a personally written foreword in the event guide ending with a very heartfelt comment from him “To all participants, may you continue to be excellent professionals who are dedicated to fortify the foundation of our nation. Hand in hand, let us empower ourselves and our countrymen so that we can accelerate our momentum towards genuine and lasting progress”

Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go gave a keynote speech on the second day of the event showing the governments support of the NPC’s endeavors and how the right to privacy was something every Filipino should be aware of and exercise.

IPI Philippines attended the event as expert speakers and delivered thought leadership presentations to over 1,600 people across the two days of the event. The first, delivered by Stephen Murray, Senior Director of IPI, was on “What keeps DPO’s up at night”. This focused on the current geo-political backdrop to today’s compliance climate and provided practical considerations, techniques and technologies DPO’s could use to address this. Stephen also delivered the presentation on day two which was focused on “Security Measures; What does appropriate look like”. This again provided practical advice on how DPO’s should be addressing the people, process and technology aspects to data privacy and keeping data collection to a minimum.

The event was not only fantastically well attended but also had an engaged, interactive audience who were hungry to learn and develop as DPO’s – still a fairly new role within Philippines businesses. IPI were able to bring our team of experts and experience from the matured compliance markets of Europe and the USA to advise on not only the Filipino Data Privacy Act 2012 but also other standards organizations in the Philippines must adhere to in order to stay competitive in the global market such as GDPR and PCI DSS.

With support from the very top of government down the 1st National Data Privacy Conference and Privacy Awareness Week was a huge success. IPI are looking forward to helping businesses in the Philippines with their compliance obligations with the launch of our Agent Pay solution which helps organizations remove sensitive card data from their contact centers, minimizing sensitive data being captured and helping to address the requirements of the Privacy Act, PCI DSS and GDPR.

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