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Contact Babel – The Inner Circle Guide to Omnichannel

There are two main factors that influence contact centres within any vertical market: the need to provide profitable (or at least, cost-managed) service, and customers’ requirements and preferences for contacting organisations.

How Omnichannel Can Boost CX

Understanding how your customers prefer to communicate, and be communicated with allows your business to save money and boost CX through offering different options that suit their needs and enquiry, and their schedule.

Older demographics feel more strongly about human contact, and the youngest age group is four times more likely than the 65+ age group to prefer self-service, but both groups stress importance upon not having to re-explain issues or re-enter information if they have to move between channels to complete an interaction with a business.

How IPI Can Help

Our consultants, architects and engineers have decades of experience in guiding contact centres into the future. We can help you implement solutions that improve the customer experience, improve efficiency and delight your teams.

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