Contact Babel Report – Self-Service 2019/20

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Contact Babel Report – Self service chapter

Customer experience is key! Your customers are more impatient than ever. This isn’t surprising when you consider that 87% of the UK population has a smartphone in their hand (according to Deloitte research). People have grown accustomed to getting instant answers and resolutions to every need, question and concern.

When so much data rests under your fingertips, contact centre experiences can feel rather retrograde. Instead of getting an answer in seconds, customers may have to wait several minutes and navigate a tangled IVR system before they ever get to an agent. A recent survey by Which magazine found that 95% of customers expect to connect to an agent within 2 minutes. Download the report below on Self-service.

Customer Experience – Self-Service is the First Choice

While the traditional benefit of cost reduction is still at the heart of many self-service strategies, it has a far greater role to play than simply reducing the number of calls coming into the contact centre. In fact, the most important attribute of the customer experience is a fast response time. Our solutions make it easy for your customers to find answers to their questions and solve their problems quickly, delivering a great experience and reducing pressure on contact centre resources.

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Managing increased demand or trying to do more with less?

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