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Insurance Edge feature: This piece is by Sat Sanghera, Chief Executive, IPI, and it looks at the rising customer expectations in a digital age. Contact centre responses can all the difference to your brand rating.


Digitalisation has created the expectation from consumers that they should be able to communicate easily with their best loved brands across omnichannels, whether phone, email, or on social media. Digital natives/Gen Zers in particular expect to reach organisations immediately, be it their favourite retailer through TikTok or their bank through a mobile app.

But in addition to access, all customers want an empathetic and personalised journey. Induced by the cost-of-living crisis and threat of recession, customers want to know that brands can deliver a personalised experience – be it an individual greeting by name by a Contact Centre agent or specifically curated offerings over social media.

To read more about the views of today’s digital customer and the technologies available that cater for them, read the full article at Insurance Edge.


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