Covid-19 –  How to prepare your contact centre when emergency strikes; The threat of COVID-19 is dominating the UK, and indeed the global, headlines. With the number of reported cases on the increase, the UK government has set out plans on how to respond to a serious disease outbreak if it occurs to make sure that the UK is prepared for any eventuality.

UK businesses are being prompted to do the same, looking at the options for staff, on all issues from  eligibility for sick pay, to working from home in the event of an outbreak. Irrespective of the current crisis, forward planning for business continuity purposes is an important exercise. Organisations need to know how to mobilise their workforce and ensure ‘business as usual’ doesn’t fall apart in the event of a disaster.

Call centres 
While we are yet to know what impact Covid-19 will have on UK businesses, for call centres it presents numerous challenges. Most notably – how to continue operations when staff are office-based.

And that is just the start. Other challenges include reduced staffing levels and a knock-on effect on the service delivered to the end customer. There will inevitably be increased pressure on day-to-day operations, as depending on the contact centre’s nature of business,there may be increased call volumes and with less staff to service the calls, there will be increased waiting times, and increased customer dissatisfaction.

So how do you overcome these hurdles and ensure that your business is ready for the unexpected?

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