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Debunking Genesys Cloud Platform Myths

Customer experience (CX) is the new battleground for sustainable business growth, and cloud is fast becoming the delivery platform of choice. In fact, while we’re seeing 27% year-on-year cloud contact centre growth, on-premise solutions are simultaneously declining at 8% per annum. Yet some customers still express concerns about moving to the cloud.

At IPI we’re proud to have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. That’s because we’re trusted to go the extra mile to get to know our customer’s business and only then provide expert advice.

In this latest series of blogs we’ll examine four misconceptions about our cloud contact centre partner Genesys and its flagship Cloud platform solution. The first is: “Genesys is too complex.” Here are five facts to disprove that myth.

1. Confusion with earlier Genesys cloud platform solutions

The complexity comment usually stems from previous Genesys on-premise products. Introduced nearly 20 years ago, they had one of the most complete feature sets, but also required a fair degree of professional services to get the most from them. Since then Genesys have made numerous innovations to its on-premise offerings. But, here we’re talking about cloud contact centres, which are totally different. And specifically PureCloud, which is built on the latest cloud technology.

2. Simple ground up design

PureCloud was built cloud-native from the ground up using Amazon Web Services (AWS) microservices architecture. Each app can run standalone yet communicate with others via a well-defined API. Compare that with on-premise contact centre solutions, which are harder to scale. As an application’s code base grows, it can get more difficult to maintain. Introducing new features, languages, frameworks and technologies can become a challenge.

3. Less management effort

PureCloud’s AWS architecture enables you to get up-and-running quickly. It also offers virtually limitless scalability. You can deploy microservices independently as a single service, or as a group of services. For some organisations, that’s a gamechanger. It means they can spin up services and complete upgrades much faster. Telephony is flexible too. You can take inbuilt PureCloud Voice from day one or bring along your own carrier at no extra cost. Another big plus is unprecedented transparency and control. You can always see system status in real time.

4. We use PureCloud

When we wanted to futureproof our Reading and Manchester contact centres, we looked closely at the market, and decided that Genesys PureCloud was the best fit for our requirements. Particularly around resilience, scalability and the ability to turn on new omnichannel features. All with low management effort. The platform’s open APIs presented our team with plenty of opportunities while we also found PureCloud to be intuitive. Agents picked it up within an hour or two.

5. Don’t take our word for it

Trust in the stats. In the first half of 2019 the Genesys PureCloud platform revenues grew 110% year-on-year. Currently over 1,800 customers use the platform worldwide with one new customer going live every day. You can read their accounts here.

So, while you may have your own reservations about moving to the cloud, with Genesys there’s absolutely no need for complexity to be one of them. PureCloud is anything but. And IPI is the ideal partner to help build your business case and plug resources and skills gaps, so you get the outcomes you’re looking for.

Continue debunking the myths about Genesys Cloud or contact us for more information.