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Next Generation AI Capabilities

AI is predicted to be involved in 70% of customer interactions by 2022 (source Gartner), so the race to adopt AI technologies in the contact centre has begun.

We have developed a suite of self-service applications in the cloud that provide next generation AI capability, enabling customers to harness the power of cloud-based self-service functionality simply and cost-effectively, whilst still retaining their existing contact centre infrastructure.

Send Me
Directs customers away from the contact centre to an alternative digital channel

With Send Me, you can take requests from customers 24×7, quickly and accurately collect contact details and feed this information directly into your fulfilment processes. Instead of tying up agents with low-value, routine requests, you can give customers fast access to the documents they need or offer them the option of moving to a digital channel with a proactive SMS when you see they are calling in from their mobile phone.

Q4 Me  If there’s a massive spike in call volume, you may decide to offer a call-back immediately when a caller connects. On other occasions you may want to set a specific time limit. You can also contact the customer within a defined time period or at a convenient, agreed time in the future. The result? You don’t lose a call, you meet your SLAs, you optimise the number of agents you need at any given time AND, if you’re using a Freephone number, call charges are reduced.

Q4 Me
Our patented multi-channel call-back application
Tell Me
Our speech interface for providing and receiving data

Tell me will enhance the customer experience by giving people data more quickly, for example requesting their utility bill. It will also retrieve information from the customer, for example, account update. This will inevitably improve agent experience by reducing low-value calls. By doing so, you will see a reduction in agent attrition.

Using ID&V with speech recognition and voice biometrics you can free agents from having to undertake the verification process and save valuable time that can be used to reduce costs and deliver higher levels of service

Our ID&V with voice biometrics solution
Virtual Customer Assistant
Chatbot, full conversational AI

Conversational AI Today’s chatbots are fast, accurate and smart – and they’re increasingly popular with customers who want a rapid response at any time of the day or night. By deploying chatbots you can also reduce pressure on your contact centre and give customers a convenient alternative when they have a routine enquiry.

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If you want to enhance your contact centre, improve both the customer and employee experience and balance demand without increasing costs but you don’t have the capacity, budget, or appetite to overhaul your contact centre environment then let us show you how IPI Cloud AI is a cost-effective SaaS model that plugs in to your existing contact centre.

Alongside our solutions are native integrations to Google Dialogflow CX, Amazon Lex and Microsoft Cognitive Services to support full NLP and intent capture – regardless of channel.


If you think it, we can build it!

Our development team has worked alongside countless contact centres in a wide variety of industries. This means that we are skilled at adapting our approach to suit your own processes and practices. Our focus is always on delivering results in a way that helps your colleagues achieve their goals. We succeed when you succeed.

Can we work with your blend of software? Yes. Our developers routinely build new functions for core contact centre solutions, and also build integrations between applications.

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