Callback Queue Management Service

Let customers choose a time for you to return their call. Reduce pressure on your agents by adding Q4 Me options to your IVR.

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Give your customers their time back. Our Q4 Me application works with your existing contact centre software to offer your customers the choice of a call back.

With Q4 Me, you define when the application activates, and how the options are offered to your customers. This is an ideal solution if you occasionally get spikes in demand, or have unpredictable call volumes.

Q4 Me builds better customer experiences by reducing frustrating delays and time spent on hold. And of course it also improves the agent experience by reducing pressures and spreading large query volumes across a greater time period.

Call Volumes at Peak Levels?

To help businesses manage their call peaks and potential lack of staff in these challenging times, IPI is offering Q4 Me for 30 days free of charge, no commitment required.

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Q4 Me in Action

Our client wanted a solution to better manage the traffic coming into the contact centre – reducing the impact on its agents, whilst also improving the experience of customers calling through to speak to an adviser.


Speech recognition and Q4 Me installed.

Q4 Me is an IPI Patented Solution

Strike the right balance between staffing levels and queuing times

Monitor queuing times and, based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) you set

Offer callers the option of being called back and vary the point at which it is offered

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Don’t Lose a Call

If there’s a massive spike in call volume, you may decide to offer a call-back immediately when a caller connects. On other occasions you may want to set a specific time limit. You can also contact the customer within a defined time period or at a convenient, agreed time in the future. The result? You don’t lose a call, you meet your SLAs, you optimise the number of agents you need at any given time AND, if you’re using a Freephone number, call charges are reduced.

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Hear from our CX Expert

In this webinar, CX expert, Steve Murray, explained how a simple proof of concept application delivered remarkable results at one of the UK’s leading Travel Company’s. In just a few short weeks they achieved thousands in additional revenues, reduced overtime costs, boosted staff morale and significantly improved customer satisfaction.


How a simple proof of concept application delivered remarkable results.

A Happy Customer

From the customer’s perspective it is more convenient and eliminates the frustration of hanging on for an indefinite time period. And a happy customer is a loyal customer.

Where previous suppliers have failed, IPI has succeeded, quickly and seamlessly implementing a solution that has already benefited our organisation. IPI has delivered from the off, providing valued consultation and a solution that exceeded all expectations, to create the experience our customers and staff deserve. Without IPI’s hard work and dedication, we would have struggled to make it through our peak period.

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