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British Retail Consortium feature – How retail Contact Centres are entering a new era of service personalisation


Why tailored experiences are the key to unlocking long-term growth and business success

As the primary interface between brand and customer, Contact Centres are a critical component of any retailer’s long-term growth strategy. But business planning is increasingly fraught with difficulty – thanks to persistent macroeconomic uncertainty, weak consumer confidence and rising costs. Despite it all, the British retail sector has held up well, with sales growing 3.6 percent in 2023. But to thrive over the coming years, more is needed.

Retail Contact Centres need to get digital transformation right, to deliver the personalised omnichannel experiences their customers increasingly crave. That means using AI, automation, and data-driven insight judiciously to enhance agent performance as well as customer experience (CX).

Read the full article at British Retail Consortium to find out more on why personalisation matters, driving an omnichannel experience, making the most of data, and transforming the customer experience.

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