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Call Centre Management Association feature: Super Agents Assemble: The Evolution of Modern Agents


As the main point of contact for brands, contact centres and their agents are pivotal to providing customers with the experience they expect and for making a mark on brand reputation that can impact long-term success.

The stakes are certainly high and the path to good customer experience (CX) doesn’t always run smoothly. Rising competition, increasing CX expectations, tightening regulatory environments and challenging financial conditions require agents to step up to the plate on more than one front and deliver an empathetic, human customer service that builds long-lasting relationships.

In addition, agents are under increasing workload pressure due to high attrition rates whilst often trying to juggle remote work alongside multiple systems and sources of information. Increased levels of automation, whilst taking the burden of more mundane tasks, can also mean agents are left with the more complex customer enquires that require deeper skills – another string they must add to their bow.

Considering McKinsey’s research found that “80 percent of the value creation achieved by the world’s most successful growth companies comes from their core business—principally, unlocking new revenues from existing customers” it’s worth getting the customer journey right.

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