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The travel industry has endured countless upheavals over the past few decades, be it economic crashes or erupting volcanoes, but the chaos caused by the rapid spread of Covid-19 has presented the industry with fresh and ongoing challenges.

One aspect of the travel industry that has seen numerous challenges as a result of the pandemic, is customer experience (CX). From handling a tsunami of concerns over cancelled flights and re-booking holidays to helping re-patriate UK citizens stranded abroad, contact centre customer service agents have handled their fair share of pressure. What’s more, after over a year of becoming more digital, customers expect to have more options than a phone line to resolve their queries – leaving contact centres and their agents to juggle learning new skills with managing an increase in queries and concerns.

From social media and chatbots to email and video calls, omnichannel and self-service technology have never been more popular and in-demand. But how can travel sector organisations leverage this shift in customer expectations for their benefit whilst also ensuring they are offering customers what they’re looking for.

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