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Mick is running (a very long way!) for some amazing charities.

A personal note from Mick

I have a number of passions – diving, my own health and own military relationship.
From a conversation with our very own CEO Sat, I changed my mindset overnight from a defeatist “I can’t ever be fit or strong enough to do the Marathon Des Sables (MDS) at my age, to I’m going to do it and I’m going to incorporate my passions as my why factor and give me a reason”.
At 51 years old, not even a reasonable runner, I felt like I needed a challenge and basically I needed a kick up the arse. My conversation with Sat was my morning coffee moment!
I’m doing a number of events to raise support and awareness of my charities, I know military charities are not everyone’s cup of tea but mine are based on rehabilitation and creating a safe place for those affected by afflictions caused in carrying out their duty to the government and to us.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my message and consider my request.
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My challenges

My events leading to the MDS
The events are the Total Warrior challenge I completed in June, The TCS London Marathon in October, The Druids challenge in November, The Pilgrims challenge (Those completing the 3 peaks will know the terrain I’ll be facing) in February and then the final event is going to be the MDS or The Marathon Of Sands in April 2023, described as the toughest footrace on Earth, a six-day ultra-marathon over 150-156 miles, carrying the weeks’ worth of food and essential kit throughout the event.

My charities

My chosen charities
I have chosen to support two charities – Deptherapy and Walking with the Wounded (WWTW), the latter being a widely known charity both giving support above and beyond their calling to support our troops in many different and much-needed ways.
I would ask that you all look at both Deptherapy and WWTW websites and see the fantastic work they do, how they unequivocally support their beneficiaries and actually give them new perspectives and lives, amazing work I think you will all agree
Please support me for my next challenge, nail a time on me and raise some much needed sponsorship funds for these charities.
Who’ll be brave enough to put me down as a DNF – More sponsorship needed for that spot!!!!

£2 per slot

Winner receives a ‘MYSTERY PRIZE’

London Marathon
Sunday 2nd October 2022

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*DNF = Did not finish – If you choose this slot, the cost will be £5!!!!!!!

Message Mick directly to make your pledge and pick your time.

This web page will be updated accordingly with your name against your chosen slot.