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With homeworking being advised across the UK, ensuring your employees have secure access to the systems they need is vital for service continuity. However, remote working also comes with extra security issues.

AscendID minimises risk for remote workers by providing strong Multi-Factor Authetication (MFA) access to business applications across employee and personal devices. In a time-critical climate, AscendID can be deployed quickly and is extremely flexible and scalable.

If you already have an on premise MFA solution, and struggling with capacity, then we can quickly get you up and running in a resilient secure cloud platform.

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Our Security architects have developed a comprehensive cloud service providing flexible, Multi-Factor Authentication to comply with legislative data governance regulations.

Our innovative product suite helps you to tackle the security and regulatory challenges you face in an increasingly data-driven world. All while protecting the integrity of the experience.

Features include:

  • One-time passwords active for just 30 seconds, eliminating phishing and social media attacks
  • Static, lost or stolen password problems eliminated, reducing help desk call rates
  • Flexibility, protecting every access point, including critical portal sites, SaaS solutions, and eBusiness and eCommerce applications
  • Unrivalled seven-year battery life and two-year warranty on hardware tokens as standard
  • Multi-tenanted resilient architecture
  • Two UK highly secure and resilient data centres ensuring application availability
  • Full SAML 2/SOAP integration
  • Cost-effective service, offering significant TCO savings over in-house solutions
  • Manned support centre providing technical response and resolution 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

AscendID is available through the Crown Commercial Services NS2 Framework RM3808.

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IPI’s AscendID solution will help eliminate your online attack surface area by verifying user identity, securing your remote access, web applications and endpoints. If you would like to discuss how we can help with your security, please contact us.