PCI offered on a consumption basis
to help contact centres satisfy PCI
requirements cost-effectively

Allow Contact Centres to Extend Payment Systems to
Home-based Workers

Ensuring that payment information is securely processed for PCI compliance is a huge consideration for contact centres. As agents continue to work from home, providing cloud-based PCI functionality has increased in importance as contact centres demand the flexibility inherent in cloud-based technologies to enable the access of platforms from anywhere. IPI Cloud PCI has you covered.

Securing over 5 million transactions a day

Pauseable Client

IPI’s Pauseable client integrates with agents’ desktop applications and automatically pauses and restarts call and screen recordings based on predefined cues. The solution monitors and responds in real time to agent actions, eliminating human error without slowing down agent workflows.

It is a cost-effective, proven mechanism for removing sensitive card data from the call recording estate, and removing your liability, protecting both agents and customers.

DTMF Suppression

For a more extensive PCI solution, and as a secondary tier, we are also offering clients a cloud-based DTMF suppression solution that masks the series of audio signals generated when a caller inputs numbers onto their phone keypad when making a payment, reducing the risk of hacking or payment information being stolen.

The solution also caters for omni channel payments as well supporting speech recognition, web chat and SMS based interactions.

Flexible Billing Model

IPI Cloud PCI is uniquely offered on a usage-based model allowing customers to flex based on demand. This flexibility of billing presents a more equitable model to the market, particularly for organisations where handling payments only represents a small proportion of agents’ work.

IPI Cloud PCI is our latest addition to the IPI Cloud. We bolstered our offering further with the launch of IPI Cloud AI – a SaaS-based portfolio of our own self-service applications teamed with AI capability from the world’s leading vendors.