Identification and Verification

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Quickly and Automatically Identify and Verify Customers with ID&V

Using ID&V with speech recognition and voice biometrics you can free agents from having to undertake the verification process and save valuable time that can be used to reduce costs and deliver higher levels of service



Reduces ID&V to as little as 5 seconds


Allows staffing for lower call volumes


Consistent, meticulous compliance processes


Intelligent call routing to agents or specialists


ID&V is virtually invisible to the customer


How we delivered a speech enabled IVR Solution. “We actually reduced our ID&V process by almost half.”

Delivering Telephony and Customer Service Excellence

Read how we delivered innovative speech-enabled IVR solutions to Severn Trent with our identification and verification system and patent-pending customer queuing callback system. Alongside these call centre transformation applications, our 24/7/365 automated meter reading service allows our client to provide superior customer support.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Designed to work with a wide range of CRM applications, from legacy on-premise systems to the latest cloud solutions, it can present each agent with all the relevant customer details. As a result, the agent can start helping the customer immediately, reducing average handling time and increasing customer satisfaction.

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ID&V Best Practice: reduce costs, improve security and delight customers

Hear from our CX Expert on ID&V

In this webinar, CX expert, Steve Murray, explains how automating the ID and verification process with a robust ID&V solution, including new options such as Voice Biometrics, can reduce call handling times, improve security and increase customer satisfaction.

The uniqueness of every individuals voice allows you to let them get straight to the point without the annoying security questions.

Authentication, Regulation, Protection

IPI’s ID&V solution also ensures that every caller is put through the correct authentication process, which is important in all industries and crucial in those that are regulated. There is no chance of a question being missed or an incorrect reply being allowed through. Protecting your agents, as they don’t have to handle customer verification information.

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Call Routing

Calls can be routed to the next available agent, diverted to a specialist team or calls can bypass the agent all together.

Voice Biometrics

Automate over 95% of all caller verifications, virtually eliminating agent handled ID&V and increasing IVR call containment.


State-of-the-art security and quick automation, approximately 5 seconds to fully automate ID&V.

Establish the Real-World Identity of Your Customers

Talk to us about how we can help to reduce fraud and stay compliant.

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Upcoming Webinar


5th November, 2020

Our expert panel and industry speaker will discuss how to improve customer experience by utilising IPI Cloud AI to drive efficiencies and cost savings.

ID ME allows us to identify and verify callers against the account details held in CRM. It’s saved us 45 seconds per call freeing up huge capacity in our centre. It’s been a resounding success.

FTSE Listed Utility Company

We actually reduced our ID&V process by almost half. In addition to that, our agents are more productive and our customers more satisfied. We are PCI DSS compliant and mitigating risk within the contact centre. We have finally realised our telephony excellence goals and can deliver exceptional customer service to our valued customers.

Severn Trent

IPI’s Consulting experts showed us how to implement a better plan for our internal transfer rates and all volume due to failed customer self-service elsewhere in the organisation. We actually reduced our IDV process by a whopping 50%.

Thames Water