Contact Babel Chatbots, AI and Machine Learning – Report

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Contact Babel Chatbots, AI and Machine Learning Report

Machine Learning – Within the customer contact space, there is a great deal of interest in how artificial intelligence (AI) can work to deliver a superior customer experience at every hour of the day, across channels, leveraging the vast amounts of data that are available to many large organisations. Supported by the speed and availability of affordable processing power, and the enormous amount of structured and unstructured data available, the opportunity exists for AI to take customer contact far beyond what is feasible now. Download the Contact Babel Chatbots, AI and Machine Learning report below.

Bots are where the customers are

At IPI, we help organisations to implement AI-enabled chatbots that provide a fast, responsive service and enrich the customer experience. From automating FAQs and updating information, through to managing bookings and secure payments, chatbots are making an impact across every industry. The business case is simple: deliver 24/7 on-demand information and support, plus a consistent customer experience, at a low cost.

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Build in 3 days PLUS 90 days free usage

Up to 90-day chatbot free sessions offer available to customers  – The impact of coronavirus has demonstrated how effective chatbots are at deflecting much of the surge in call volume by answering common questions as well as more complex requests. Build your chatbot in just 3 days and benefit from 90 days free usage.

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