AI Enabled Self-Service

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Contact Babel Report – The Inner Circle Guide To AI-Enabled Self-Service

Like so many other technology solutions in the customer contact arena, self-service started off as supporting a cost reduction strategy. DTMF IVR was beloved of the budget controllers but disliked by a large proportion of the customer base which it was meant to serve. Web self-service, with its success or otherwise being judged on the number of calls it avoided, existed in a vacuum, with the static knowledge base and FAQs becoming slowly more bloated and out-of-date, divorced entirely from the world of live customer contact. Download the report below on AI enabled self-service.

Transformation is easy….

…….when you have a partner that can guide the way. Our consultants, architects and engineers have decades of experience in guiding contact centres into the future. We can help you implement solutions that improve the customer experience, improve efficiency and delight your teams.

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Self-Service is the First Choice

While the traditional benefit of cost reduction is still at the heart of many self-service strategies, it has a far greater role to play than simply reducing the number of calls coming into the contact centre. In fact, the most important attribute of the customer experience is a fast response time. Our solutions make it easy for your customers to find answers to their questions and solve their problems quickly, delivering a great experience and reducing pressure on contact centre resources.

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AI enabled self service