Boden Case Study

IPI outfits Boden with the latest Cloud technology

Boden is a leading British supplier of clothing, initially designed to allow its customers to persue a menswear catalogue at a leisurely pace before making an order. Today, it has evolved into a leading and multi-channel retailer offering clothes, accessories and shoes for men, women and children.

Meeting the Needs of a Modern Contact Centre


As part of present and future wider IT and transformation plans, Boden were looking to enhance its contact centre solution to future proof its strategy as an online business and e-tailer. IPI recommended a move to Genesys Cloud, to meet Boden’s needs as a modern contact centre while enabling a safe transition of its agents to a home-working environment. Satisfying stringent PCI requirements whilst also providing a seamless CX, IPI then recommended an IPI developed solution, Pauseable, allowing recordings to automatically pause and resume based on triggers and events when processing payments.

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