Are you listening to your vulnerable customers?

5 key reasons why fair treatment drives customer loyalty

Leverage analytics to support your remote agents and safeguard your brand

This year’s CallMiner Churn Index report identified that 3 out of the top 4 reasons that people abandon their suppliers are simply due to feeling unfairly treated. Interaction Analytics is a proven way for organisations to ensure fair treatment by assisting their agents in providing appropriate support and advice.

In this webinar, we will cover

  • The role of interaction analytics in contact centres during and post COVID-19
  • How interaction analytics powers fairness and consistency to drive customer loyalty
  • Personalised coaching and performance plans that protect customers and mitigate risk
  • Effective strategies for recognising and managing vulnerable customers.

Join Steve Murray of IPI and Mark Lockyer of CallMiner at 10 am on the 17th June as they explain how todays contact centres are leveraging analytics to support their remote agents and safeguard their brand.

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Support your agents and your customers

knowledge insight

Sentiment Analysis

Assess language, tone and tempo for insight on a customer’s opinions and emotions

Understanding Empathy

Uncover the words, phrases and tone that trigger a positive response within even the unhappiest of customers

Real Time Alerting

Manage agent behavior and provide next-best-action prompts during calls with customers

Why Use Speech Analytics?

With speech analytics you can turn thousands of hours of call recordings into actionable insights. Instead of laboriously listening to calls and scoring interactions, you can instantly count instances of phrases, search for anomalies and identify your top-performing agents.

Watch our video which explains how we can analyse speech to reveal 100% actionable intelligence based upon what the caller has said.