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Chatbot Mythbusters

Watch our panel of experts from IPI, CX Company, along with two clients, Orbit Group and NI Water, who busted some of the myths surrounding chatbots. They also provided insights into their experience: where to start, challenges, recommendations, and future plans.


Busting the myths surrounding Chatbots.

Bots Raise the Bar on Service

The impact of coronavirus has demonstrated how effective chatbots are at reducing call volumes while providing 24/7 service. Chatbots, like Artie here on this page, are reshaping everything from policy recommendation to claims processing, enabling insurers to service customers with a reduced workforce. IPI can quickly deploy an insurance bot like Artie in just 3 days and provide 90 days free usage. Give Artie a try….

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Bots Adding Value to Insurance Companies
Answer policy questions
Renew and suggest a new policy
Create and track claims
Update contact information
Create quotes and submit/send documents

Proven ROI

Chatbots deflect up to 50% of calls away from your agents, delivering a return on investment within just a few months

Customer Satisfaction

Improve NPS and increase customer engagement – fast, accurate information

Cut Down on Errors

Based on the questions asked, a chatbot will always give the right answers

Bots are where the Customers are

At IPI, we help organisations to implement AI-enabled chatbots that provide a fast, responsive service and enrich customer experience. From automating FAQs and updating information, through to getting a quote and secure payments, chatbots are making an impact across the Insurance industry. The business case is simple: deliver 24/7 on-demand information and support, plus a consistent customer experience, at a low cost.

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