UK Contact Centre Verticals: Utilities

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Take a Strategic Approach to Boosting CX

The recent introduction of C-Mex means that water utility companies will now be scored based on feedback from a sample of customers, including from those who have had recent interactions with their contact centres. With increased competition in the utilities industry, it’s important to be able to stand out from the crowd.

But how?

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Speech Analytics

These tools provide companies with intelligence from across all of their customer contacts about what’s working (and what isn’t).


Chatbots and AI tools can be deployed to help answer simple customer enquiries on a website, freeing up agents’ time to deal with more complex calls


Send customers alerts, information packs or any other useful information, all without impacting an agent’s workflow. When an agent is on a call with a customer, they can make use of automated identification and verification tools (ID&V).

About This Report

The Contact Babel UK Contact Centre Verticals: Utilities report looks at the structure, growth, technology, HR and commercial issues found in contact centres within the UK utilities sector. It contains data from multiple large-scale surveys of hundreds of UK contact centres, and is the definitive study of this vertical market’s customer contact operations.