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Lot RM3808 – Network Services 2

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IPI on the NS2 Framework

Telecommunications services including networks for the entire public sector, their associated bodies and agencies, the voluntary sector and charities.

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NS2 Framework Lots

Lot 1: Data Access Services – This is for the provision of connectivity services, enabling Site-to-Site or Site-to-cloud interconnectivity

Lot 5: IP Telephony Services – This is for the provision of end-to-end IP telephony services with the ability to connect to the PSTN

Lot 13: Contact Centre Services – This is for the provision of call/contact centre services for the use of Buyer employees only


  • Flexible contract lengths – up to 10 years for some services
  • Supports your organisation’s technology upgrade programme
  • Savings from lower cost and or more efficient technologies
  • Option for both direct award or further competition to meet your needs
  • Option to choose specialist suppliers who can deliver services under one specific lot, as well as suppliers who can provide multiple services across several lots
  • Uses the agreed Public Sector Contract (PSC) terms and conditions

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