Contact centre consultancy

Whether you need a quick fix or a long-term solution to entrenched challenges, IPI are a trusted contact centre consultancy partner you can lean on for guidance. We have long-standing client relationships because we focus on building more effective contact centres and deliver value today and tomorrow.

A fresh perspective

We are a company whose prime focus is helping improve or maintain our customers contact centres using technology as an enabler. We are dedicated to improving contact centres.

That’s all we do.

Getting a third-party perspective from the most reputable and longest established experts in the business is the fastest and most effective way to assess or reassess your people, processes and platforms. And will guide you towards the contact centre you need to deliver both the cost effectiveness and exceptional customer service required these days to get and stay ahead of the pack.

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Business continuity expertise

It’s clear that recent events have made contact centres consider their business continuity plans. In planning for the future, you need to have confidence that when you activate your business continuity plan you can react quickly and correctly.

Our consultancy team have first hand experiences and best practice insights to help you operate as effectively as possible within the given circumstances. Whether you are dealing with immediate challenging situations affecting businesses today and need immediate support, or help in longer term planning of your operational business continuity, our experts are here to help.

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Activate your potential

Are you only utilising a small percentage of your technology or not even sure what it is capable of? Our consultants help with user adoption and take up, the application of features and how they fit into the wider operations, and then shape your people and processes so that you realise the full benefits of your contact centre technology.

icon - Smart security
Smart security

Our connected world is a playground for hackers. Your contact centre might be an end-point for data thieves, or it might be seen as a useful place to gather credentials that they can use as leverage. Our security specialists can help identify weaknesses ensuring a robust and secure solution is in place.

icon - Exceed customer demands
Exceed customer demands

Our experts will analyse and help shift your contact centre’s capabilities to the ever-evolving reality of your business. So instead of making reactive, knee-jerk changes like so many competitors, you’ll always be one step ahead.

icon - Investigative consultancy
Investigative consultancy

Why? This is the question we ask every client. Whether you are focused on customer experience, agent retention, cost reduction or adding new channels to your contact centre, we will explore the business drivers underpinning these objectives to ensure they align.

We are here to help

Our contact centre consultants speak your language because not only have they designed and implemented it, they have worked in and used the technology in operational environments.

Our long-term thinking means that our clients trust our advice and recognise the returns we help them achieve.
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Eliminate the pain of change

Evolution is usually less violent than revolution. After decades of working in contact centres, we understand the common and evolving challenges you face, and we know that change must be gradual, proportional, and sensitive to the needs, capabilities and expectations of your employees. Rather than making radical changes, we typically advocate for a phased and measured approach to digital transformation. This ensures that all of your sta  see themselves in your future.

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Contact Babel:
The inner circle guide to the voice of the customer

VoC programmes strive to capture customer feedback across multiple channels of engagement (IVR, live agent, email, etc.), while enabling closed-loop strategies to support customer retention, employee development and omnichannel experience optimisation.

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