Call Recording and QM

Quantify your Conversations

Customer conversations are a precious asset. We’ll help you mine these recordings for insights that can fuel better CX, EX, compliance, performance and quality management.

Call Recording

Recording calls is easy. The difficult part is turning the thousands of hours of recordings into a valuable business asset. Our call recording solutions are designed to support your compliance requirements and your quality monitoring processes, by giving you an efficient and effective method for capturing, storing, retrieving and reviewing calls.

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Automatic Call Tagging

Even with a systematic approach to call monitoring, it can be challenging to make sense of several gigabytes of calls or text chats. Our latest QM solution includes features like automatic tagging, giving you an instant overview of key disposition topics.

Quality Monitoring

Monitoring the quality of your contact centre interactions is an essential task – whether from a customer experience, agent performance, risk management or compliance perspective. Our QM solutions are built to scale so you can spend less time achieving better results. With IPI, your supervisors and analysts can monitor more calls and give agents more meaningful feedback.

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Optimising Agent Performance

While quality monitoring is a core part of agent performance management, it is a process that is easy to get wrong, leaving agents feeling disheartened instead of motivated. Our quality monitoring solutions are designed to remove subjectivity from the review process and encourage a fairer, more balanced review of customer interactions.

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