PCI DSS Compliance in the Contact Centre

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Contact Babel Report – The Inner Circle Guide to PCI DSS in the Contact Centre

PCI DSS provides guidance to merchants, as well as payment card processors, around how to process, store and transmit information about the payment card and its owner, with the aim of reducing the incidence of card fraud and promoting best practice in information security. Although compliance with PCI DSS is not enforced by law, the card brands may fine those which do not follow its regulations, or even deny the merchant the ability to take card payments at all.

The View from the Contact Centre

This report looks at the potential danger points within the contact centre which fall into three main areas: storage, agents and infrastructure. It is extremely important for the contact centre to ensure a safe recording environment – both voice and screen – as well as ensuring the agents are trustworthy and appropriately handle all forms of data.

We must also consider the contact centre CRM system or call recording archives, and also any element that touches the cardholder data environment.

Hosted Solution for Rapid Deployment

IPI’s PCI DSS-compliant payment solution can transform your compliance environment in weeks rather than months as it is a cloud-hosted SaaS package. The startup costs are minimal and you only pay for the calls we protect.

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