Call Volumes at Peak Levels?


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With many contact centres experiencing over 40% surge in-call volumes, ensuring callers are answered within a reasonable time is becoming a critical issue.

Enabling callers to opt out of waiting in a queue and receive a call back from an agent can have a dramatic and immediate effect on service levels.

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Q4 Me call back solution

IPI’s Q4 Me call back solution provides big benefits to organisations and customers alike. Rather than forcing callers to wait in queue, simply offer a call-back service.

  • Reduce abandon rates by 45%
  • Improved experience – 70% of callers prefer a callback than waiting in-queue
  • Reduce telco costs by eliminating hold time
  • Shorter call duration, callers that have not had to wait will not waste agent time complaining

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To help businesses manage their call peaks and potential lack of staff in these challenging times, IPI is offering Q4 Me for 30 days free of charge, no commitment required.

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If there’s a massive spike in call volume, you may decide to offer a call-back immediately when a caller connects. On other occasions you may want to set a specific time limit. You can also call the customer back within a defined time period or at a convenient, agreed time in the future. The result? You don’t lose a call, you meet your SLAs, you optimise the number of agents you need at any given time AND, if you’re using a Freephone number, call charges are reduced.