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Today’s companies are tuned into the needs of their customers like never before – adopting practices which facilitate a smoother customer journey, both encouraging long-term brand loyalty and customer retention.

Indeed, adopting a customer-first focus can be a key differentiator in an increasingly competitive landscape. However, doing this well relies on the support of different partners and vendors to refine the end-to-end process that your customers, and indeed people, use and experience every day.

To that end, in today’s customer-first economy, it is now absolutely essential that companies should seek to align themselves with vendors and partners that are advocates for customer success – “a method for ensuring customers reach their desired outcomes when using an organisation’s product or service.”

Growing interest in customer success

Gartner’s 2021 Market Guide for Customer Success Management Platforms has revealed a steady growth in enquiries on customer success over the last five years. This increased interest is in many ways a reflection of the changing marketplace. Over time there has both been a proliferation of new solutions designed to make companies’ lives easier as well as a shift in the way these services (on premise to cloud) are consumed. However, whilst this increase in competition has undoubtedly forced partners to raise their game to focus more on customer retention, for customers the range of choice can be overwhelming. In amongst increasing customer expectations, companies want and need clarity on solutions to understand what combination will help them make a difference.The challenge, however, is that there is no one size fits all approach to customer success. Customer success is about more than a product or a solution. It is a refocus of the organisation that ensures that every decision taken, every tool implemented, and every change actioned is focused on the end benefit for your customers.

Customer success – turning the concept into a reality

As organisations look to heighten their focus on customer centricity and reaching their corporate goals, aligning with partners and vendors committed to customer success will be critical. However, navigating the topic and understanding what to look for in a partner, can be confusing.

As such, we’ve put together a dedicated ebook on the subject, exploring the principles behind a customer success mindset and what to look for in a partner. The ebook will also take readers through:

  • What a good customer success strategy looks like
  • The benefits of a customer success strategy
  • The importance of selecting partners committed to this mindset
  • An outline of what you should look for in a partner
  • How IPI approaches customer success

To find out more, register here to download your complimentary copy.